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immunity / иммунитет, невосприимчивость, неприкосновенность
имя существительное
immunity, insensitivity, insusceptibility, insensitiveness
immunity, inviolability, integrity, sanctity, untouchability
имя существительное
the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.
immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously
Catherine luckily had developed an immunity to them after eight years of friendship.
All I need is a 35-40 hour day and an immunity to sleep depravation and I'll perhaps be able to do it one day.
He wonders whether the media industry is breeding an immunity to violence, murder and destruction.
The man who was then the mayor of the capital is safe from prosecution, protected by his immunity .
It is illogical that a protective vaccine or a modulator of immunity to cancer would follow the same pathway for registration as a drug for treating constipation, sepsis, or dermatitis.
Most research has looked at the effect of these supplements on immunity and infectious disease, with conflicting results.
immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously
Once past the initial illness, most people develop lifelong immunity to future infection.
He said that criminal figures were flaunting their immunity from the law.
With the development of a protective immune response and serological evidence of immunity , infection becomes latent and usually remains so for the life of the patient.