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immortalize / увековечить, обессмертить, увековечивать
perpetuate, immortalize, eternalize, record, monumentalize, eternize
confer enduring fame upon.
he will be forever immortalized in the history books
We knew about him, liked him, and accepted he was good at what he did, but did not consider the relentless immortalisation of horses to add up to enough.
Hey, she certainly can't regret being immortalized in the comics.
In February 1997 a small group of Scottish scientists were forever immortalized in genetic advancement history.
The friends' great escape to New York and their attempts to form a band were immortalized in the television series.
A bull that caused thousands of pounds of damage after seeking refuge in a Lancaster shop has been immortalized in sculpture.
Now his image is immortalized in one artist's version of a field study.
Cells have been immortalized in the laboratory, but no one knows if the process can be translated to animals.
Yes, Virginia, studio enhancements are as old as the form, but the presentation extends to which songs are chosen, which banter snippeted, and indeed, even which phase of a performer's career gets chosen for immortalization .
That appearance of Halley's comet was immortalized in the Bayeux tapestry.
We thought that this magnificent typo deserved immortalisation , and you too can celebrate a delicious slip of the key right here.