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immodest / нескромный, бесстыдный, неприличный
имя прилагательное
immodest, indiscreet, indelicate, shameless, indecent
shameless, brazen, impudent, barefaced, immodest, blatant
indecent, obscene, rude, improper, unbecoming, immodest
имя прилагательное
lacking humility or decency.
she thought Western clothes were ugly and immodest
This was a reaction to the growing diffusion of wigs which attracted attention, and were considered immodest or brazen in both communities.
Without being immodest , I have not played a single show where I didn't get close to a standing ovation.
Without sounding immodest , I have no trouble meeting men because I am quite regularly described as ‘a real looker’ and ‘easy on the eyes.’
I worry more than most people about sounding immodest , but in this case, I'm not going to let that bother me, because I feel that we created a template that showed a lot of Hollywood what could be done.
It seemed like an immodest thing to admit, but I thought, ‘Maybe he's right.’
I know there are many who will disagree, who will say these bare-bellied women are shameless and immodest , but I cannot agree.
In Victorian England, the sight of an ankle was immodest .
There's an immodest bather, drunkards, a glutton (whose stomach does his talking for him), a fool, a woman, a monk, three choristers and a nun - all with a particular story to impart.
Don't worry - I don't think you need to worry about being immodest .
If you know anything at all about the tastes of the tsars - think of the Fabergé eggs and you're there - you will understand already how spectacularly immodest the factory's output was.