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immoderate / неумеренный, несдержанный, чрезмерный
имя прилагательное
immoderate, inordinate, unconscionable
unrestrained, intemperate, unreserved, incontinent, immoderate, indiscreet
excessive, over, undue, superfluous, exceeding, immoderate
surplus, excessive, superfluous, unnecessary, redundant, immoderate
имя прилагательное
not sensible or restrained; excessive.
immoderate drinking
It can only be to encourage people to be immoderate .
In my view, this virtually guaranteed the result - and the leap from that to the headline seems immoderate , to say the least.
It also contains an alkaloid called arecoline, which can usually due to excessive or immoderate use over a long period of time produce squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth, a form of skin cancer.
Reading mainstream superhero books, with their immoderate physiques, in public can be ‘embarrassing, frankly.’
A religion then is indispensable in keeping these immoderate passions in check, because religions tell people that there is a moral order in the world: that the good get rewarded and the evil punished.
This book, however, lives up to the occasional immoderate capitalization by its enthusiasts.
While as a civilised society we must never forget the genocides of history, we equally have to avoid the illegitimate use of such memories to justify immoderate propping-up of doubtful political systems.
Unless you're an ultra-radical libertarian who thinks that ethical considerations should not be considered in regulating science, this is hardly an immoderate position.
In fact, a buffet-style dinner would rarely be my first choice since I don't always have a good appetite and think immoderate eating and drinking is unhealthy and also not something a well-educated young lady should do in public.
The focus on public perception was timely and uncommonly sensible, leading to immoderate yahooing in certain loungerooms.