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immobilize / фиксировать, связывать, останавливать
fix, commit, fixate, immobilize, trace
bind, associate, connect, bound, link, immobilize
stop, stay, halt, shut down, arrest, immobilize
prevent (something or someone) from moving or operating as normal.
I want you to immobilize their vehicle
If this accident had happened on shore, the corpsman would have followed the same procedures but would have had to immobilize the leg with a splint.
The point was to silence and immobilize leadership while forcing groups to redirect energy and resources into raising funds, organizing legal defenses and publicizing the cases.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is treated by placing the wrist on a splint to immobilize it and to prevent pressure to the nerves.
The lesson is that overanalyzing change can immobilize us and prevent us from taking action.
This desire becomes only stronger once he assumes the role of the detective, whose very function has been to immobilize the mysteries of the world by constructing a coherent text.
Special features of the packages can make them more user-friendly and immobilize products to prevent damage.
I want you to immobilize their vehicle
The owner, who had parked the car there after it had broken down, had removed the distributor cap to immobilize his car.
Another approach is to immobilize the ship by ‘fouling its propeller.’
In the new program the majority of the techniques consist of non-lethal ways to immobilize our opponent.