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immobile / неподвижный, недвижимый
имя прилагательное
fixed, still, motionless, stationary, immobile, immovable
real, immovable, real-estate, immobile, bedridden
имя прилагательное
not moving; motionless.
she sat immobile for a long time
A crowd will slowly build around you, faces immobile , sometimes catching your eye, nodding.
With the expected arrival of our second child, the first being one year old, I suffered a back injury, such as to make me immobile .
Usually, the mass is relatively immobile , with a broad-based attachment.
By destroying one of these, the creature may become immobile , but there is no guarantee it will not feel pain at other points during the boiling.
There was certainly no need to plan the route - we were going nowhere - or worry about the traffic, which was as immobile as school custard.
Abbie suffers from severe spinal muscular atrophy which renders her almost immobile .
Imagine dozens of wheezing, perplexed pugs romping, sneezing, and peeing on anything immobile .
After the house lights came up, the audience remained immobile in their seats as if stricken: an apt reaction.
Neil stood immobile , staring at the door Ella had just walked through.
The other had severe lung problems that rendered her practically immobile .