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immiscible / несмешивающийся, несмешиваемый, не поддающийся смешению
имя прилагательное
не поддающийся смешению
имя прилагательное
(of liquids) not forming a homogeneous mixture when added together.
water is immiscible with suntan oil
They are immiscible with many organic solvents, particularly linear hydrocarbons and alicyclics like cyclopentane, so can be combined either with water or with an organic solvent to form a two-phase system.
An emulsion prepared by homogenising two pure immiscible liquid components will rapidly result in phase separation.
Fluids, immiscible droplets of metal sulphides, and elements like boron and fluorine are concentrated in the remaining melt.
We searched for immiscible liquid phases in monolayers of two different ternary lipid mixtures.
Oil and water are immiscible liquids, but a temporary emulsion may be formed by a brisk shaking of the liquids.
The non-polar groups prefer to interact with each other, and exclude water from these regions, leading to immiscibility .
Familiar examples are the miscibility of alcohol and water and the immiscibility of oil and water, which can be explained by intermolecular interactions.
Two processes can lead to the concentration of valuable commodities: liquid immiscibility and fractional crystallization.
Next, note that unsaturated lipids are not necessary for micron-scale immiscibility in bilayer membranes.
Even if the proteins do cause immiscibility of fluid phases at 37°C, it seems unlikely that the effect explains their 10-fold acceleration of adsorption.