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imminent / надвигающийся, угрожающий, близкий
имя прилагательное
oncoming, imminent, impendent
threatening, menacing, ominous, rampant, critical, imminent
close, near, intimate, familiar, nearby, imminent
имя прилагательное
about to happen.
they were in imminent danger of being swept away
In the new era which Mark believes is dawning, the temple is rejected and its imminent destruction is expected.
How could the mother have imagined the imminent danger that was closing in on her son?
A falcon with regard to an expected visitor indicates imminent news or arrival.
The imminent use of biological weapons and the threat of millions of deaths is not a laughing matter.
Overall then, there's no sign the payout is in danger, nor any sign of imminent share price fireworks.
In the end, is it about imminent threats or about picking fights you can win?
The second is messianism, the expectation of imminent transformation of the world.
But the imminent threat of recession was not the economic fundamental he had in mind.
This alarm will sound if opened by a small child to alert parents of the imminent danger.
The only difference is that the threat from the former is real and imminent and part of an ongoing development programme.