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immigrate / иммигрировать, переселять
relocate, resettle, emigrate, transmigrate, transplant, immigrate
come to live permanently in a foreign country.
the Mennonites immigrated to western Canada in the 1870s
If one does not wish to live in Korea, one should immigrate legally.
In fact, we not only don't recognize the marriages; we don't allow anyone to immigrate who has been part of such a marriage.
Instead, many Western Samoans seek to immigrate to American Samoa.
It is also known that many European settlers first lived in Venezuela, only to immigrate to the United States.
A country surely has the right to decide who is permitted to immigrate and become a citizen of that country - that is not the issue.
Indeed, when they immigrate to developed countries they are often among the most creative and inventive people in their new homes.
Imagine you lived in a far-away country and chose to apply to immigrate to our great white chilly north.
His parents immigrated to the United States in the early 1970s, and he was born in Baton Rouge.
After you immigrated to America, you spent some time in a yeshiva.
The readership either still lived in Eastern Europe or had immigrated to the United States.