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immemorial / древний, незапамятный
имя прилагательное
ancient, pristine, antique, early, venerable, immemorial
immemorial, dateless
имя прилагательное
originating in the distant past; very old.
an immemorial custom
In fact we have a long tradition of protecting nature and have protected reserves from times immemorial .
The more you experience this contrast and this distance, the more you will feel the importance, for us, of an immemorial past and a distant future.
We yearn, with that immemorial human ache, to find someone to blame - but whom?
Because they will be part of that immemorial conversation of humankind about how we shall live.
Awarded the Military Cross, he took lives to save others, contributing to the ‘long-famous glories, immemorial shames of war’.
Our ancestors from times immemorial used this prehistory track as they travelled with their flocks and it is thought to have been the route taken by the early travellers to Stonehenge.
This isn't to say that the artists who broke with their immemorial tradition did so all at once, or that, having done so, they created nothing beautiful.
Zola's cheese shop was aptly set in the new market halls, built in the 1850s, for it depicted modern commerce and not immemorial rural custom.
Paradoxically, this immemorial and ubiquitous trauma is perpetuating the dream of an eternal and perfectly just, that is, paradisical life.
Their crucial years between adolescence and adulthood are spent in some of the most moving buildings in England, surrounded by beautiful gardens and immemorial traditions.