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immediately / немедленно, непосредственно, тотчас
immediately, instantly, forthwith, right away, straight, directly
directly, direct, immediately, right, live, square
immediately, at once, instantly, forthwith, right away, directly
как только
as soon as, once, as, when, immediately, as ever
at once; instantly.
I called immediately for an ambulance
without any intervening time or space.
she was sitting immediately behind me
as soon as.
let me know immediately she arrives
When an older gentleman next got on people jumped up immediately without being prompted.
There is an island just below the weir and the best pegs are the two behind this island and the two immediately below it.
It was hit when the car immediately behind shunted into his vehicle after it was banged from behind by a third motorist.
Once cooked rinse it immediately in cold water, then let it soak in fresh cold water while you get on with the sauce.
He was unaware that he was upside down and thought he was in the corridor immediately behind the coal train's cab.
Colour can certainly affect soil temperature, and that of the air immediately above it.
Once it is produced and transported it must immediately be delivered to buyers or users.
Some of these axes were even deposited in a marshy basin immediately north of the henge complex.
Almost immediately two of the jurors began to cry and were left obviously distressed by what they were asked to study.
Duval stood immediately behind the green, applauding as Palmer came into view.