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immediate / немедленный, непосредственный, прямой
имя прилагательное
instant, immediate, instantaneous
direct, immediate, spontaneous, proximate, unaffected, on-the-spot
direct, right, straight, outright, straightforward, immediate
имя прилагательное
occurring or done at once; instant.
the authorities took no immediate action
nearest in time, relationship, or rank.
a funeral with only the immediate family in attendance
(of knowledge or reaction) gained or shown without reasoning; intuitive.
Hume had shown that no immediate knowledge of causes is possible, for we have no impression of necessary connection.
In the meantime, the defendant is released on her own recognizance, as she presents no immediate threat to the artistic community.
The Rural Forum aims to find long-term ways of re-building a strong, sustainable and more diverse rural economy, once the immediate farming crisis has been dealt with.
The ticking of the new clock was an immediate presence in the dark bedroom.
The court heard the infestation presented an immediate risk of injury to health.
this threat is much more immediate
Once the immediate impact of the flooding has passed, the government, the opposition and the media will drop their feigned concern and leave the victims to their fate.
I'm very close to my immediate family, with the exception of my father
They say a retreat in the immediate presence of the enemy is the most difficult of military maneuvers to pull off.
The abolitionist movement developed primarily in the nations of Western Europe and their overseas offshoots, often without the immediate presence of legal slavery.
There are big issues of governance, debt, aid, trade and development that will have to be addressed once the immediate crisis management is over.