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immediacy / непосредственность, безотлагательность, незамедлительность
имя существительное
immediacy, spontaneity, directness
urgency, immediacy, instancy
имя существительное
the quality of bringing one into direct and instant involvement with something, giving rise to a sense of urgency or excitement.
electronic mail works because it has the immediacy of a scribbled memo
That element, and a sense of immediacy , is absent in a lot of the material produced in the last 20 years.
That immediacy works well, leading to differing reactions at key points from the teenagers and parents in the audience.
Video art brought with it the temporal immediacy of the camera and the possibility of live transmission.
And then there is the digital camera, with its immediacy , its clear and beautiful treatment of light.
For such a period movie the film is alive with a sense of immediacy that is rarely seen in modern cinema.
The result has a visceral, involving immediacy rare in Hollywood product.
email works because it has the immediacy of a scribbled memo
These bizarre stunts are entertaining and the handheld camera in dogged pursuit offers a sense of immediacy .
It is these qualities, however, which lend their old folk material a crucial sense of immediacy and excitement.
Her genius was to give a sense of immediacy to visions constructed slowly as works of art.