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immeasurable / неизмеримый, безмерный, бесценный
имя прилагательное
immeasurable, unfathomable, unmeasured, measureless, fathomless, immensurable
immense, immeasurable, measureless, excessive, unmeasured, exceeding
priceless, invaluable, inestimable, worthless, beyond price, immeasurable
myriad, innumerable, overwhelming, infinite, immeasurable, unnumbered
имя прилагательное
too large, extensive, or extreme to measure.
immeasurable suffering
In this sense at least, I suppose he chose one form of immeasurable infinity over another.
The war was over, but the cost to ordinary people in human suffering was immeasurable .
He also showed that it is not immeasurable : we can give a precise mathematical measure to how big it is.
The rest of those twenty feet took eons to traverse, and it was immeasurable suffering.
Radicalism hates moderation and measure, and compromise hates the immeasurable .
On the downside he's noticed that the urban infrastructure has decayed immeasurably in recent years.
Their collections will have been immeasurably enriched if they bought some of the classic albums that appeared on CD this year.
Its popularity has grown immeasurably over recent years and continues to garner new teams and members for each season.
It means the sublimity of God, the immeasurability of God's wisdom and the fathomless complexity of God's creative Spirit.
However the acquisition has come about, one thing is for certain, it strengthens the club's position immeasurably .