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immanent / имманентный, присущий, постоянный
имя прилагательное
inherent, intrinsic, proper, immanent, appropriate, natural
constant, standing, permanent, continuous, regular, immanent
имя прилагательное
existing or operating within; inherent.
the protection of liberties is immanent in constitutional arrangements
They were immanent in the practices and conventions of government and law and were culturally or, even more securely, racially embedded in the British people, who everywhere understood and valued them.
The Samhitas and Brahmanas affirm that God is immanent and transcendent and prescribe ritual worship, mantra and devotional hymns to establish communication with the spiritual worlds.
She affirms that God is both radically transcendent and radically immanent , describing this position as ‘panentheism.’
In other words, God's authority was immanent in the imperial order.
The hierarchy immanent in this account of the body politic relies on the mystical correspondence between the three vital organs in humoral physiology: the liver, the heart, and the brain.
We are making it easier for us to reach out and touch our immanent Deity.
I still know intellectually that to some people the gods are immanent , available; sitting on the porch of Tripurasundari's shrine, I could feel for a moment how it must be.
History was nothing less than God's will immanent in the world, the unfolding of a great purpose.
The objects around us importune us with practical demands; there is programme of action immanent in things.
As a coexistence of opposites, the sacred is immanent in pure awareness, the ground of language and thought.