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imitate / подражать, имитировать, копировать
imitate, mimic, emulate, copy, ape, counterfeit
simulate, mimic, imitate, mime
copy, replicate, imitate, pattern, calk
take or follow as a model.
his style was imitated by many other writers
In contrast to common chimps, at six months of age Kanzi engaged in much vocal babbling and seemed to be trying to imitate human speech.
However, mountain chalets (country houses) built by city-dwellers as vacation homes often imitate the older rural styles.
Bed rest can closely imitate some of the detrimental effects of weightlessness on the body.
Simulation is an analytical method designed to imitate a real-life system.
Most of their affectionate banter borders on the painful humiliating putdown, with Jamie loving to imitate Paul's manic mannerisms behind his back.
And also, importantly, that it does not merely imitate existing models, but itself becomes the example that all others will follow.
At its most basic, a paramilitary group was structured to resemble or imitate a command or military organization.
So why not imitate nature to extract renewable energy without harming the environment?
That is, motivated by prestige and upward mobility, lower class women try to imitate the speech of the upper class but miss the target and end up with affrication rather than frication.
He would imitate Cameron's mannerisms and everything.