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imbue / внушить, наполнять, вдохнуть
fill, refill, fill up, imbue, charge, pervade
imbue, inspirit, inbreathe
inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality.
the entire performance was imbued with sparkle and elan
We imbue the appreciation of art with some sort of Protestant work ethic and demand it does us good.
James was imbued with many noble qualities which served him well and earned him enormous respect.
They played with control and flair in the first half, while the second half was imbued with indiscipline and scrappiness.
Most do an excellent job of capturing the classic feel of the characters, and imbuing an epic quality into proceedings.
Her eccentric characters are imbued with humanity, and the ending is stunning.
But his works are also imbued with social commentary, desperately wanting to make the world a better place.
The rest of the squad are amateurs imbued with a professional attitude.
Debt relief, too, is imbued with moral hazard: the worse a government behaves, the more it is rewarded.
He was a man of gentle and quiet disposition who was imbued with many noble qualities.
It's an inspired album that is imbued with the warm spirit and gracious heart that is this family.