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imbibe / впитывать, поглощать, усваивать
absorb, soak, soak in, soak up, imbibe, suck in
absorb, swallow, devour, consume, adsorb, imbibe
assimilate, digest, internalize, adopt, master, imbibe
drink (alcohol).
they were imbibing far too many pitchers of beer
The company claims that if you take this pill, you will need less alcohol to stay drunk, so will imbibe less.
We read poems by our predecessors to imbibe the experience of life as captured by them.
Research has found that children who imbibe soft drinks tend to consume more calories than those who don't.
The play encourages young minds to question existing norms and the children have managed to imbibe the thought of the play.
As the seeds take approximately 24 h to imbibe water, a distinct enlargement of the cell wall was observed from day 1 to day 2.
But, whatever the reason, men no longer imbibe alcohol so freely, especially during the day, as they did a few years ago.
26% of Americans who drink alcohol admit they sometimes imbibe more than they should.
if one does not imbibe the culture one cannot succeed
Dry seeds were allowed to imbibe water at 0°C or 22°C for 2 h and then they were placed on solidified growth medium.
Seeds were imbibed in aerated water overnight and planted in pots filled with soil.