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imbalance / неустойчивость, несоответствие, отсутствие равновесия
имя существительное
instability, imbalance, unsteadiness, lability, fluctuation, disequilibrium
discrepancy, disparity, nonconformity, nonconformance, imbalance, incompatibility
отсутствие равновесия
imbalance, disequilibrium
имя существительное
lack of proportion or relation between corresponding things.
tension is generated by the imbalance of power
It is in a temporary state of imbalance, and it tends as much as possible to maintain this imbalance .
This imbalance is affecting people's capacity for pleasure, love, success and a healthy life.
They are not necessarily a match made in heaven, and not only because of their income imbalance .
Any imbalance between the flow of goods in and the flow out will push the dollar down or up according to the basic laws of supply and demand.
The imbalance in police resources between York and rural North Yorkshire has at last begun to be addressed.
Although the list of ingredients reveals added sugar, the tastebuds detect no imbalance .
So what can be done about this imbalance between baseball and football coverage?
An imbalance between these two often causes the quest for gender equality to be shrouded in confusion.
But finance ministers can try to anticipate where the next imbalance is likely to emerge.
In case mention of acupuncture has alarmed you, treatment of this imbalance is a gentle process.