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imaginable / вообразимый, воображаемый
имя прилагательное
imaginary, fancied, visionary, notional, imaginable, fictitious
имя прилагательное
possible to be thought of or believed.
the most spectacular views imaginable
Here's to 2002 providing us with the greatest three days of sport imaginable .
It's got one of the most dauntingly bleak and unhappy endings imaginable .
There are clubs devoted to every plant group imaginable , from cacti to clematis, roses to rhododendrons.
They are putting in the longest imaginable hours and are really getting aid organised and out there.
In this case it was up to the personal preferences of one man with one of the most unenviable jobs imaginable .
In fact, the producers seem to have gone out of their way to find the dullest young people imaginable .
Thus 12 hours after waking you will feel worse than you thought imaginable .
Contemporary German theater is no longer imaginable without its stage designers.
My eyes were opened to a simple truth: supermarkets are the most inconvenient shops imaginable .
But no, every one of the reluctant grooms went along with the tackiest ceremonies imaginable .