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imagery / образы, образность, скульптура
имя существительное
sculpture, statuary, imagery, sculpt, plastic art
имя существительное
visually descriptive or figurative language, especially in a literary work.
Tennyson uses imagery to create a lyrical emotion
What makes it so phenomenally stunning, then, is the film's visual imagery .
I admired the energy of the prose, the juxtapositions, the surreal imagery , the insights.
Lee also does a marvelous job of tracking the essay's central themes and its recurring patterns of imagery .
It makes for a rich kind of film, full of imagery , allegory and variety.
The language, imagery and sentiments they all use are often identical.
A seasoned director would have had a better handle on imagery , symbolism and pacing.
Tennyson uses imagery to create a lyrical emotion
Performed on the climbing wall, the story is told using text, music, visual imagery and stunning choreography.
After the initial jolt from the imagery , his work holds up: he's a skillful painter.
For example, he uses a lot of imagery and describes the scenery in great detail.