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illustrator / иллюстратор
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, etc..
Quite a few of the artists at the top today began their careers as illustrators for books, magazines and museums and their attention to detail is evident.
As a printmaker and book illustrator , his clear and imaginative compositions contributed to the popularity of emblem books.
Gouse began his career as a pen-and-ink artist and an illustrator of books.
After the war he returned to easel painting and was also active as a book and magazine illustrator and as a designer of mosaics and stained glass.
book illustrator
She graduated in art and design at Falmouth in Cornwall in 1991 and was soon in demand as a wildlife illustrator for magazines and books.
More than 200 artists, designers, photographers and illustrators will showcase their designs in the gallery.
He notes that the company will monetize sales by selling images to users and splitting the revenue with the illustrators who created them.
Another fundamental difference is that illustrators create a piece for an assignment.
Since 1991, 33 awards have been presented to the authors and illustrators of outstanding books.
Fine artists were at the top, while comic book illustrators were at the bottom.