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illustrative / иллюстративный, пояснительный
имя прилагательное
illustrative, exemplary, illustratory
illustrative, interpretive, declaratory, illustratory
имя прилагательное
serving as an example or explanation.
this timetable is provided for illustrative purposes only
Both examples are illustrative of the problems which arise because organizations, including banks, must of their nature act through human agents.
They're seen as too important to ditch - and that's illustrative of the way universities view their students.
The experience of a friend, a professor at a Malaysian university, is illustrative of this climate.
The quotations presented in the findings section were selected as illustrative of these teenagers' comments on each topic.
The following is illustrative of the comments made by several participants.
And your view of this war is illustrative of who you really are.
Accordingly, we may ignore these texts and move to others that are regarded as illustrative of Jesus' egalitarian program.
The proposed implementation of Gigabit Ethernet is illustrative of conventional network architecture design.
The exhibition is also illustrative of how computer software could be used to creatively embellish digital photographs.
This is illustrative of the problem with a missile defense: The threat can come from elsewhere.