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illustration / иллюстрация, рисунок, пример
имя существительное
illustration, figure, exemplification, exemplum
drawing, pattern, figure, picture, illustration, design
example, instance, sample, illustration, pattern, lead
имя существительное
a picture illustrating a book, newspaper, etc..
an illustration of a yacht
full-colour illustration
It ‘gave a rotundity to my person, a wave and curl to my hair, and perhaps led me to fancy pictorial illustration and flaming colours’.
Now there is a quick visual illustration of the size of the problem - someone has made a wallchart containing all the characters so far assigned in Unicode.
This slightly facetious example is an illustration of a problem that is causing some real teeth-gnashing.
Does this illustration demonstrate that different ABC programmes provide different points of view?
At college I studied textiles and illustration , so I married the two.
this accident is a graphic illustration of the disaster that's waiting to happen
The perfect illustration of this is Marshall Berman's example of the rock in the backyard.
The graphic illustration of that is the Waco transaction where the client paid ten times the premium sought by the underwriter.
My own case was merely an example, an illustration … guess I thought it would be a lot more common.