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illustrate / иллюстрировать, пояснять, служить примером
illustrate, picturize
служить примером
example, be an example, exemplify, illustrate, instance
provide (a book, newspaper, etc.) with pictures.
the guide is illustrated with full-color photographs
Taleb uses this hypothetical experiment, and its results, to illustrate a number of errors in thinking.
One example will serve to illustrate how comprehensive and penetrating his discernment is.
These results also illustrate the problems faced by the Labour party.
The latest employment figures serve to illustrate that little has been done.
So I'm going to try again, this time with some charts to help illustrate the jargon.
To illustrate the Book of Ruth, Merian chose to represent Boaz and Ruth at the threshing floor.
Clearly, this is a grossly simplified example but it serves to illustrate how such a solution is very open to sabotage.
The cases of Lithuania, Uzbekistan, and Russia serve to illustrate why this is the case.
This has been a massive success and the book sales illustrate this.
California's wine scene is one of the best examples to illustrate diversity.