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illusory / иллюзорный, призрачный, обманчивый
имя прилагательное
illusory, illusive, insubstantial, delusive, phantom, elusory
illusory, ghostly, illusive, phantom, shadowy, spectral
deceptive, misleading, deceiving, false, lying, illusory
имя прилагательное
based on illusion; not real.
she knew the safety of her room was illusory
One of the leading themes of current philosophy is that the notion of objectivity is utterly illusory .
The illusory nature of what we experience can be seen most clearly by examining the dream state.
Instead, he is a man with a nonexistent economic policy and an illusory budget plan.
Our ability to think in abstractions without using the physical world as a base tends to be illusory .
While the data supporting mobile phone risk is illusory , our commitment to risk is quite real.
It would be absurd to say that holes in socks are unreal and illusory just because the hole isn't made of anything and is purely an absence.
Each year the monastery's monks perform sacred chham dances that enact the illusory nature of life.
The prospect of getting their motion through was illusory rather than real.
Turn to the window at the other end of the upper floor and the view of real Oxford is again illusory .
But it's an illusory solution because it has little to do with wealth creation.