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illusionist / иллюзионист, фокусник, мечтатель
имя существительное
magician, conjurer, juggler, illusionist, conjuror, prestidigitator
dreamer, visionary, daydreamer, illusionist, fancier, stargazer
имя существительное
a person who performs tricks that deceive the eye; a magician.
Yes, the communists are presented as magicians and illusionists , but they are also ‘people whose hold on reality was absolute’.
Magic Circle member John Field will demonstrate some of Houdini's magic tricks and talk about the greatest illusionist of his time.
There were fine nuggets of legerdemain, courtesy of the illusionist Paul Kieve.
The magician, illusionist and singer kept the name and is now the only curator who celebrates the star signs as they happen throughout the year.
An illusionist has had to abandon plans to climax his UK tour at Epsom Playhouse because staff are apparently fed up with the repeated failure of magic acts.
illusionist techniques
Reality is a fabrication, as the illusionist and con artist can justify.
Between stretching, thrusting and air-walking up high, she frequently breaks expectation like an expert illusionist .
Aurélia Thierée has performed as an actress and illusionist since she was very young.
Houdini was a publicity-wise escapologist and illusionist who made his name and a good deal of money in America.
One is left doubting where the artist's loyalty lies, suspecting that this is the work of an illusionist rather than a true magician.