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illegible / неразборчивый, неудобочитаемый, нечеткий
имя прилагательное
illegible, indiscriminate, promiscuous, unintelligible, unreadable, indecipherable
unreadable, illegible
illegible, indecipherable, neutral
имя прилагательное
not clear enough to be read.
his handwriting is totally illegible
There were also some illegible words scrawled in black marker across one work.
Out of the two forms I gave you, you have lost one, and rendered the other all but illegible ?
The larger portion of the letters are illegible and the text has been reversed and cannot be read.
That done they then had to patiently read almost illegible writing which had eroded over the decades and centuries.
It didn't matter that the rest of the sentence consisted of illegible runic symbols - I had read enough.
Clawing through those initial pages with their illegible scrawl and phonetically terrestrial sounds required the tenacity of a saint.
Darron's almost illegible hand writing was scribbled across the page.
You might think it looks more impressive that way, but it's just irritatingly illegible and uninterpretable.
I glanced at where Davis was pointing at in illegible signature scrawled in the bottom right-hand corner.
It was tied up with string and read in scribbled, almost illegible , penmanship.