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ill-treat / плохо обращаться, жестоко обращаться
плохо обращаться
mistreat, mishandle, abuse, walk over, roughhouse, ill-treat
жестоко обращаться
maltreat, mistreat, deal cruelly, ill-treat
act cruelly toward (a person or animal).
Lakha admitted cruelly ill-treating the goats and slaughtering without a licence.
If you choose to ill-treat someone, you should be prepared to be ill-treated.
I do not want to stay with my in-laws as they ill-treat me.
They ill-treat us but we work for a company directly linked to the government.
He had a great respect and fondness for animals and could not understand how anyone could ill-treat them.
Later I found out about her son; mentally challenged like his mother, lives with some distant relatives who ill-treat him.
They have warned that failed asylum seekers are in danger of ill-treatment and abuse on their return - because they claimed asylum in Britain.
But it does not add up to deliberate ill-treatment or abuse such as would expose either of the children to a grave risk of physical or even psychological harm.
There was a shortage and she was hired, but the owner of the preschool who sponsored her knew her problems and underpaid and ill-treated her.
The case was highlighted as a shocking report called Handle with Care was published, revealing increasing numbers of exotic pets being ill-treated .
Although not all cases involve ill-treatment , research shows neglected children can be scarred emotionally and socially in the long-term.