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ill-natured / злой, злобный, недоброжелательный
имя прилагательное
evil, wicked, ill, vicious, unkind, ill-natured
vicious, malicious, spiteful, malevolent, catty, ill-natured
malevolent, spiteful, unkindly, negative, mean, ill-natured
имя прилагательное
bad-tempered or mean-spirited.
The ill-natured Marx, the venomous Lenin, the murderous Stalin all had a deep-seated loathing of all those who disagreed with them.
Other people we have spoken to believe they are sold to universities for testing purposes, or for use in dog fights (they use these good-natured pets and have vicious ill-natured animals tear them apart for profit and amusement).
Predictably he succumbed to his brother's ill-natured comments and began a whiny protest.
Callan was brought to ill-natured life by actor Edward Woodward, who added a complex moral dimension to the hard-bitten killer, whose life on the edge of society leaves him little room for a personal life.
Haven't you met an ill-natured Christian before?
A fascinating variant appeared fifteen years later in The Vermont Anti-Masonic Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1831: ‘Poor fences make lean cattle and ill-natured neighbors’.
I had been aware myself in recent times that this column was dark, unfunny, ill-natured and ill humoured.
There is also a ridiculous braggart warrior, and two maidens of different aspect and character, one fair and ill-natured , the other ugly and compassionate, who both visit a magic well in search of a husband.
It is more an ill-natured rant than a measured analysis.
She proceeded to exploit her ill health to become the most feared of all chronic suffers, an ill-natured and tyrannical invalid.
During an ill-natured Senate hearing on the treatment of Vietnam veterans he and another senator found themselves in violent disagreement.