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ill-founded / необоснованный
имя прилагательное
unfounded, unwarranted, ungrounded, baseless, unsound, ill-founded
имя прилагательное
(especially of an idea or belief) not based on fact or reliable evidence.
ill-founded criticism
Their example makes plain that saying I am merely interpreting Scripture actually proves nothing at all if the interpretation is ill-founded and unfaithful.
The barrage of well-meaning, but often ill-founded , criticism hardly makes a mother's job easier.
By contrast, the Constitutional Court dismissed the appeal as ill-founded in respect of the right to property.
So I'm happy that there's a protest even if it is a silly and ill-founded one.
As it happens the attack was ill-founded and unjust; but the perception lingers.
Therefore, I conclude that the Warsaw Convention applies to this case and that the plaintiff's claim based on misrepresentation is ill-founded , both in fact and in law.
On the other hand, the motion for contempt, a serious matter, was ill-founded , given the fact that the formal order was never taken out.
Consequently, the Court found that that part of the complaint was ill-founded .
Our Supreme Court's elimination-of-bias continuing education requirement is utterly ill-founded and obnoxious.
The decision that an application is manifestly ill-founded can necessarily be taken only in relation to rights set forth in the European Convention.