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ill-disposed / склонный к дурному, злой, недружелюбный
имя прилагательное
склонный к дурному
evil, wicked, ill, vicious, unkind, ill-disposed
unfriendly, inimical, disaffected, antisocial, asocial, ill-disposed
имя прилагательное
unfriendly or unsympathetic.
this fact was ignored by ill-disposed critics
British journalists seem particularly ill-disposed towards him.
This almost certainly has something to do with the national mood since September 11, which has been defensive for obvious reasons, and particularly ill-disposed to introspection and self-doubt.
His artistic vision is as brilliant, if not much deeper, than the layer where light bounces off the silver screen, and he is ill-disposed to let facts get in the way of what works dramatically.
The latter three register as defensible, legitimate recordings, no matter how ill-disposed a given listener's attitude might be towards the genre.
The anxieties of a society traditionally ill-disposed to taxation in general and new forms of taxation in particular made the task of the Treasury and the Committee of Ways and Means increasingly harrowing.
She felt an uneasy qualm at the thought of her garden-proud neighbour, who was already ill-disposed towards the foxes, discovering caches of putrefying cheese among her spring flowers.
In addition to several reverses, there was the particularly worrying question of Japan, a country ill-disposed to the Allied powers.
Ideologues are quick to run to take up defensive positions against perceived ideological attacks by the other side, leaving them ill-disposed to think through rational analyses of the problems posed by aging populations.
To tell the truth, I feel equally ill-disposed towards ‘American Beauty,’ which I haven't, and won't, see.
This alienated the democrats, who were ill-disposed to trust an army general anyway.