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ill-considered / необдуманный, неразумный, неблагоразумный
имя прилагательное
rash, thoughtless, hasty, inconsiderate, injudicious, ill-considered
irrational, unwise, silly, subhuman, inadvisable, ill-considered
imprudent, unreasonable, unwise, injudicious, indiscreet, ill-considered
имя прилагательное
badly thought out.
an ill-considered remark
The ill-considered and grotesque roadway has been a scar on the wonderful upland environment since a former owner of the estate thought he could create a ski development up on the roof of Scotland.
Any rash or ill-considered decision can have repercussions for the stability of this country.
But this time it seemed too early, too rash, too ill-considered .
In the heat of the moment ill-considered remarks are often made.
Our verdict: this policy is ill-considered , and the military is squandering a golden moment to effect meaningful personnel reform.
There are some who say that blogs lack gravitas, that there is no quality writing, that the analyses are hurried and ill-considered .
Certainly, if grammar collapses and language unravels into a tangle of meaningless, ill-considered phrases, we will have lost something that should be treasured.
The result was that countless men who, in the mood of that time, should and would have hanged were in fact saved, and five years later, were freed under an ill-considered Allied amnesty.
‘Good ideas’ that are ill-considered tend to get people killed in this line of work, and Clark knows at least that much.
We stamp all over the planet, meting out instant, severe punishment on the basis of hasty, ill-considered judgement, with the most appalling and devastating of consequences.