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ill-conceived / непродуманный
имя прилагательное
not carefully planned or considered.
ill-conceived schemes
It was Sunday morning already, and time to put his ill-conceived plans to work.
He is clearly a fool for writing such an ill-conceived and prejudiced article, and the editors of the Express are even more stupid for being foolish enough to print it.
Certainly, their business plans, with their dependence on advertising, were ill-conceived .
Well, letting him release an album of ill-conceived covers is a bad idea.
This ill-conceived scheme was not the result of deregulation but the deliberate choice of the state of California.
He was far too hard headed and realistic to permit the needless throwing away of lives in the ill-conceived offensives that characterised the First World War.
Part of that plan should be to freeze and review the ill-conceived plan the president put forth this week in Ohio.
All of this proved to be at least as ineffectual, disruptive, and ill-conceived as the previous urban renewal regime.
If there is a bureaucratic bias against the smaller regional theatres then it is both stupid and ill-conceived .
The result is wild rhetoric and ill-conceived laws that interfere not just with gamers' fun but with an art form in its infancy.