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ill-bred / дурно воспитанный, невоспитанный, грубый
имя прилагательное
дурно воспитанный
currish, mannerless, underbred, cubbish, ill-bred, bad-mannered
rude, boorish, discourteous, unmannered, ignorant, ill-bred
rude, rough, gross, coarse, crude, ill-bred
имя прилагательное
badly brought up or rude.
He may be right on the issue, but it's so ill-bred for him to bring it up.
Since ‘any ill-bred person threatened to undermine everyone else's claims to gentility, such rudeness had to be banned from polite social intercourse’.
What exactly would make a ill-bred girl such as yourself so blissful?
Somalin yelled, ‘I'm paying for you, ill-bred brat!’
But she is much mortified by her vulgar grandmother Mme Duval, her ill-bred relatives, and the pursuit of her bold and persistent lover Sir Clement Willoughby.
You may insult me because I accept you are ill-bred and ignorant!
Would you be kind enough to go back on deck and tell Kay that I said she's an uncultivated, ill-bred sybarite?
He makes Eduardo and Hernandez look like the scrappy, ill-bred urchins they are.
In the eyes of many Chinese, kitchens, especially public ones, can be associated with bloody slaughtering, pungent smells and ill-bred shouting.
As a schoolgirl, she was the butt of taunts by ill-bred bullies who railed at her as a ‘retard.’
It is extremely ill-bred , though extremely common, to press one to eat of anything.