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ignorance / невежество, незнание, неведение
имя существительное
ignorance, barbarism, dark
ignorance, nescience, non-acquaintance
ignorance, dark, nescience, non-acquaintance
имя существительное
lack of knowledge or information.
he acted in ignorance of basic procedures
Our fear is based on ignorance , they loftily believe, and can be safely dismissed.
We cannot be blinded by the smoke of ignorance , we must rise up and learn to see what is staring us straight in the face.
Of course, such attitudes are the epitome of ignorance , and reveal a total lack of wisdom.
Who are these people and why are they displaying their ignorance of such vital financial issues?
So that part of her closing statements reveals her abiding stupidity and ignorance .
he acted in ignorance of basic procedures
If it was purely ignorance , you'd expect the mistakes to display a normal distribution.
His enrolment was obviously greatly helped by his total ignorance of religion.
he acted in ignorance of basic procedures
Our work can only succeed if we keep the humans in a constant state of fear and ignorance .