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ignoramus / невежда, профан, неуч
имя существительное
ignoramus, illiterate, simple, ass, know-nothing
ignoramus, outsider
ignoramus, illiterate, heathen
имя существительное
an ignorant or stupid person.
And the masses - stupid ignoramuses that we are - fell for it.
‘I went from an antiques ignoramus into a devotee of ancient ceramic ware,’ Cai said.
I'm not exactly a yoga ignoramus - I used to do some out of a book and off vids when I wasn't pregnant some years ago, so I know a lot of the terms but I still felt very out of place.
Sometimes I am such an ignoramus , such a witless dope.
assume that your examiner is an ignoramus and explain everything to him
He is a cretin's cretin, a halfwit, an ignoramus in every respect.
And the masses - stupid ignoramuses that we are - fell for it.
No good teacher approaches his or her students as being ignoramuses just because they don't share the same level of knowledge.
Only fools or ignoramuses ever trust the word of government officials or politicians.
After all, Americans are self-centered ignoramuses who ‘love to talk about things they know nothing about,’ as Rick Mercer proclaims.
Isn't it a shame that we have these key people doing important things who are either incompetent ignoramuses or dumb as posts?