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ignominy / позор, бесчестье, бесславие
имя существительное
disgrace, shame, dishonor, infamy, ignominy, stigma
infamy, ignominy, contumely, blot, smear
ignominy, shame, dishonor, infamy, contumely, smear
имя существительное
public shame or disgrace.
the ignominy of being imprisoned
All this ignominy heaped on us and we are still unrepentant?
That should be enough to pile ignominy upon him.
On stage, he pulls knowing faces, as if his rise from boy-band ignominy to rock superstar is a joke in which audiences are complicit.
The greatest ignominy of that afternoon was when Mayo brought their sub-goalkeeper on as a forward for the closing five minutes.
I'll wait for the post-election post-mortem and watch some pollster shrivel away in ignominy .
But if you really must chew, a few ground rules should keep you this side of social ignominy .
the ignominy of being imprisoned
The ignominy of under-achievement is lessened by the cash saved.
Barrie himself was childless, his own joyless marriage to Mary Ansell, a beautiful actress, ending in public ignominy when his wife had an affair.
It's a battle of dignity against ignominy , a battle for the rights of the peoples of Venezuela and Latin America.