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ignition / зажигание, воспламенение, возгорание
имя существительное
ignition, lighting, striking, kindling
ignition, inflammation, combustion, priming
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the action of setting something on fire or starting to burn.
three minutes after ignition, the flames were still growing
After switching off the ignition , she climbed out.
The danger is that the child s hand is still in the line of fire when ignition occurs and severe burns result.
This design of the flash reducer precludes ignition of the rocket motor for RAP.
Dodd makes two more trips to the Oldsmobile, first to turn off the car's ignition , then to unsuccessfully pull Dawson's left hand from under his leg.
The concept is creating a mixture of fuel and air capable of spontaneous ignition at multiple points instead of at a single location.
Thieves have been preying on motorists who leave their keys in the ignition and engines running to defrost their cars.
She adjusted the seat and mirror, fired up the ignition , and fiddled with the gear stick.
He claimed he couldn't switch off the ignition because modern Renaults have a magnetic card ‘key’ system and he was unable to remove the card while on the run.
While rumours are rife that a dropped cigarette or a spark from an underground cable caused the fireball, the cause of ignition was not yet known.
A fourth strategy is to use water injection to slow the temperature rise in the combustion chamber, thereby delaying ignition until the charge is well mixed.