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ignite / воспламеняться, зажигать, воспламенять
ignite, inflame, combust, fire
light, kindle, light up, ignite, burn up, spark
ignite, inflame, fire, kindle, enkindle, prime
catch fire or cause to catch fire.
furniture can give off lethal fumes when it ignites
While it may not be possible to predict when fires are going to ignite , it certainly is possible to work out remedial measures such as replacing old plant machinery.
Officials in Oklahoma today are warning that dangerous new fires could ignite at any time.
That achievement, however tentative and imperfect, would ignite mounting aspirations for democratization from Iran to Morocco.
He would be the spark which would ignite their oppressed fury.
But the one on the first floor did ignite a fire inside the room which the hotel staff is still sort of struggling to put out.
If the views here don't ignite your passion, might we suggest bass fishing?
As the former England manager surveyed the debris by which he was surrounded, he knew that a spark was required to ignite the passion for which they were renowned in the north-east.
The newspapers are full of information about the apocalypse - greenhouse gasses will ignite massive fires, melt the ice caps, and submerge half the planet.
That gesture contained plenty of fuel for those who want to hate the United States, and also enough spark to ignite new hatreds, no doubt.
They complement each other perfectly, but neither failed to ignite in me anything more than the recognition that the vibe had suddenly changed.