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iffy / ненадежный, неопределенный
имя прилагательное
unreliable, precarious, insecure, untrustworthy, unsafe, iffy
uncertain, vague, indefinite, ambiguous, indeterminate, iffy
имя прилагательное
full of uncertainty; doubtful.
the prospect for classes resuming next Wednesday seems iffy
He said: ‘It has been a bit of an iffy start but we are turning things around now.’
‘Dave’ would have more cause to be worried by claims he was once a member of the iffy Young Conservatives gang, and had been addicted to corporal punishment.
Both are fixable and 2 good friends are better than four iffy friends.
A couple of tracks are iffy , popping and crackling, so I got it cheap.
The picture quality is iffy , with many shots seeming overexposed.
The full game was looking a bit iffy for a while there, but after playing the demo I'm sold.
During the summer months, if the weather forecast is a bit iffy , a good idea when inviting family and friends round is to have a casual buffet lunch.
It's a lot of fuss for fuzzy pictures and iffy sound.
So Colvert's results look a little iffy in retrospect.
And personally, I think the theory he seems to prefer now is a little… well, iffy .