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idyll / идиллия, пастораль
имя существительное
idyll, idyl
pastoral, pastorale, idyll, idyl
имя существительное
an extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque episode or scene, typically an idealized or unsustainable one.
the rural idyll remains strongly evocative in most industrialized societies
If the first half of the novel is an idyll , the second half shifts to romance.
Goth, however, was one style that did achieve some form of visibility - although you'll note that I say the late 1980s because, like most things, it took a few years to make its way out to our rural idyll .
On the big screen, however, Oban has always been portrayed as a pastoral idyll .
Born in 1901, her childhood was a happy idyll enough until World War One awakened her to reality.
The verdant landscapes and the warm, sunny color palette enhance the sense of the story as an idyll , a brief golden interval amid the dark uncertainty of war.
Public entertainment can go ahead at the Barge Inn at Honeystreet despite some strenuous opposition from neighbours wanting to preserve their rural idyll .
The sniper was merely a rupture in the domestic idyll of Virginian life: everything around was peaceful.
And then aspects of war burst upon their peaceful idyll .
Lambs are the icons of the rural idyll , the faces that grace a thousand Lake District postcards and the sight that brightens the spirits of even the most jaded commuters as they flash past Cumbrian hills.
The concrete, pebble-dashed trees under the plaque suggest that this form of community history is made up of a hankering back to a rural idyll , but one that is compromised already by the urban.