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idolize / боготворить, поклоняться, делать кумиром
worship, idolize, deify, god, make a god of
worship, adore, idolize
делать кумиром
admire, revere, or love greatly or excessively.
he idolized his mother
I realize that as much as I respect these musicians, I do not idolize them very much in the form of hero worship.
She was a keen music fan who loved pop music and idolised Justin Timberlake.
These are helping people to find mates identifying and uniting against enemies venerating or idolising a figure, institution or ideology.
My mother idolised my father and I know my father loved my mother deeply.
After people become fed up with stereotypical beauty idols, which Warhol once mocked in his works on Hollywood stars, an idolization of alternative celebrities arises.
And idolisers are mostly irrational; I don't want blind worshipping.
He is a sprawling maverick with a gravel-slide voice and bluesy guitar copied by Eric Clapton, idolised by Phil Collins and revered for his gruff love ballads.
Some religions have several Gods, demi-Gods or deities, but they are also idolized or venerated by their followers.
Those had been the years when she idolized her mother, and the Queen Aurora could commit no crime in her daughter's innocent eyes.
Tributes poured in from Republicans who idolized him and Democrats who respected his love of country and his political skills.