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idolatry / идолопоклонство, поклонение, обожание
имя существительное
worship, adoration, cult, idolatry
adoration, idolatry, dotage, worshipping
имя существительное
worship of idols.
It is the difference between pagan idolatry and true worship of our Creator and Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ.
They went against God and all His teachings, reverting to idolatry and worshipping a golden calf.
It was an idolatry that had become one of society's assumed norms.
Sikhism was founded in the Punjab region in South Asia in the early sixteenth century and is a monotheistic religion that rejects idolatry and divisions in society.
He worried that his older brother, whom he loved nearly unto the point of idolatry , would meet that same fate.
How has pagan idolatry, the very same sort of idolatry that Paul encountered in Ephesus, corrupted much of the Christian-professing world?
Mosaic law also makes idolatry or the worship of other gods a capital offense, along with a host of other crimes, including adultery, cursing one's parents, and sodomy.
Worship in truth is the antidote to idolatry , while worship in spirit is the antidote to hypocrisy.
Women, especially, but men too, are often tempted by a kind of self-immolating romance that is much closer to idolatry than to real love.
That's where idolatry ends and a crime of love, so to say, begins.
By dead works we are to understand idolatry , inordinate lusts of the flesh, covetness and ambition.