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idolatrous / идолопоклоннический
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
worshiping idols.
the idolatrous peasantry
As it has done on four prior occasions, the Senate should shelve this most dangerous and idolatrous assault on our civil and religious liberties.
And because we too are tempted, sometimes we unfortunately offer idolatrous sports fans nothing but another form of idolatry when we scold in the name of Christianity.
This fascination brings him to the IBM factory in Poughkeepsie, where he is struck above all by the spooky, almost idolatrous worship of the company's president, Thomas Watson Jr.
Folk Songs respected its sources, but it was not idolatrous of them.
The son's room, then, may remain just that: an earthly shrine to an idolatrous attachment.
But it's also no surprise that he reserves the most lingering, even idolatrous close-ups for himself, engorging the frame with his handsome visage.
Lawyers today are rarely that idolatrous , but most of them salute the customary emblems of American civil religion.
Plans and strategies for growth can become idolatrous and result in questionable distortions of the gospel.
When nations intervene, manipulating grief, they offer idolatrous , nationalistic, vengeful substitutions for the grace of God and true community.
Will Herberg argued that American civil religion essentially was idolatrous worship of itself, merely propagating an ethnocentric American way of life around the world.