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idolater / идолопоклонник, поклонник, обожатель
имя существительное
idolater, worshipper
fan, admirer, suitor, lover, aficionado, idolater
admirer, adorer, swain, idolater
имя существительное
a person who worships an idol or idols.
In the eyes of idolaters , the idol was seen neither as the source of their existence nor as the source of their well-being.
In other words, I would say that idolatry not only dishonors God and demeans the idolater ; it ultimately leads to the destruction of the hapless idol itself.
That the idolater became an idol himself is, as ever, the sadder story.
On the other hand, idolaters and would-be gods take ‘fire’ literally, and use it for the destruction of others.
It grew up in the effort to conquer Canaan against what we thought was an ocean of idolaters and the effort to survive the Roman Empire.
Among such passageways is the imitation of idolaters or of the followers of other religions who have exaggerated respect for their saints.
When idolatry began, the first idolaters knew that Hashem existed, that He was the Creator of the world, and all they were doing was praising His creations, the sun and the moon, as intermediaries.
Some people would be horrified to think of themselves as idolaters , yet their behavior may manifest a lack of faith and trust in God.
The nations amongst whom they were exiled were like the unclean idolaters of old, whose blandishments and evil influence must at all costs be resisted, until such time as God in His infinite mercy chose to redeem and vindicate His people.
Notice that Wright contrasts the people of God being vindicated with idolaters being shown to be wrong.
We hope that the day will come when Christianity will give up everything it inherited from idolaters and only that will remain which Judaism bequeathed to it and which was purified and refined by the loftiest Greek and new thought.