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idol / идол, кумир, истукан
имя существительное
idol, graven image, image, god, fetish, Baal
idol, god, graven image, demigod, pippin, fetish
имя существительное
an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.
These were, we must remember, unbelieving Gentiles, worshipers of idols and knew very little of the Jewish religion.
What friend, dignitary, hero, sports idol , movie star, etc. might we ask over to eat with us?
movie idol Robert Redford
Wilder grew up loving Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, but his great idol was famed director Ernst Lubitsch.
He had the look of a former idol or tennis star with his medium build, blue eyes, and short wavy blonde hair.
IT'S taken him 30 years, but Al Pacino finally seems comfortable with his status as a movie idol .
The Presley posse had gathered in York to celebrate and commemorate their idol , who died 25 years ago today.
Each village has its own goddess or Gramadevata, often in the form of an idol worshipped under a sacred tree.
Raising the subject is more racist than people simply choosing their favourite idol .
a soccer idol
Now, she dreams of becoming a big name producer emulating her idol , hip-hop star Kanye West.