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idly / праздно, лениво
idly, indolently, loungingly
idly, sluggishly, sleepily, loungingly
with no particular purpose, reason, or foundation.
“How was the game?” Katie asked idly
I was standing idly watching the soft padded volleyball as it came flying in my direction.
It is another thing to say that we must stand idly by and let her take her own life.
Not all of us will sit idly by while others exploit or undermine us.
Do we continue to sit idly by and let them build a military power that we, as free people, cannot stop?
He realised that he could not sit idly by while racialist groups actively promoted their agenda.
Two guys were standing idly at the pedestrian crossing, waiting for the lights to change.
The world cannot stand idly by anymore when innocent people are killed by their leaders.
He asks it idly , no real concern, and for some reason, it makes her feel just a little lighter.
I spend most of her scenes idly wondering what she'd look like post facial money-shot.
Whilst observing her leg I noticed that hers was hair free and I idly wondered in my dream if she waxed her own legs.