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idiosyncrasy / идиосинкразия, черта характера, особенность стиля
имя существительное
черта характера
feature, strain, idiosyncrasy
особенность стиля
имя существительное
a mode of behavior or way of thought peculiar to an individual.
one of his little idiosyncrasies was always preferring to be in the car first
It was now also an allergic idiosyncrasy in which people became sensitized to inhaled, ingested, or absorbed ‘asthmogenic’ agents.
Thanks to the legendary idiosyncrasy of that computerised bureaucracy, it still shows the cover of the old edition, by which some readers have already been misled.
The title is ‘The diagnosis of aspirin idiosyncrasy by analgesic challenge’.
Should I do this or should I leave it as an idiosyncrasy of my blog?
Apart from showing off we bring this up to unearth a common idiosyncrasy of old Astons; the accelerator feels as though a runaway ball of socks has made their way under the pedal.
They suggested that allergy and food idiosyncrasy may coexist.
The idiosyncrasy of the Miss World contest is that despite being a truly international competition, it has retained much of its Englishness.
If I see a telling idiosyncrasy in his behavior, such as taking an extra waggle, clearing his throat or displaying trembling hands when he's teeing his ball, something is going on.
In fact, the idiosyncrasy of Tugu Park Hotel does not stop at Waroeng Shanghai either.
Although it may just be an act, over the past forty years Woody Allen has developed a dramatic persona whose behavioral tropes and idiosyncrasies are as recognizable as those of a close personal friend.