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idiomatic / идиоматический, характерный для данного языка, богатый идиомами
имя прилагательное
idiomatic, idiomatical
характерный для данного языка
idiomatic, idiomatical
богатый идиомами
idiomatic, idiomatical
имя прилагательное
using, containing, or denoting expressions that are natural to a native speaker.
distinctive idiomatic dialogue
appropriate to the style of art or music associated with a particular period, individual, or group.
a short Bach piece containing lots of idiomatic motifs
One important component of successful language learning is the mastery of idiomatic forms of expression, including idioms, collocations, and sentence frames (collectively referred to here as formulaic sequences).
The idiomatic expression ‘for the birds’ is common enough to crop up in everyday conversation.
He has a really idiomatic rapport with the music.
Some slipped idiomatic expressions or literary allusions into their copy in the hopes that the censor would miss the subtleties - and it often worked.
But the greatest instrumental composer of the period was undoubtedly the blind organist Antonio de Cabezón, favourite of Philip II, who was one of the first composers of genuinely idiomatic keyboard music.
We can reproduce original instruments, authentic period acoustics, idiomatic playing styles, etc, but the rock on which the musical purists must all eventually founder is that it is impossible to reproduce original listeners.
The Turin tablatures contain a similar range of music notated in new German keyboard tablature rather than staff notation, including transcriptions of motets and madrigals as well as idiomatic keyboard music.
Definitely a fine orchestra, Cassuto and his forces give idiomatic interpretations of Bomtempo's music, my sole reservation being a sagging of momentum in the Trio section of the 2nd Symphony's Minuetto.
It's a bit too specific for an idiomatic prototype.
Dacic played this music with idiomatic romanticism and true Russian soul!